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Sadly they respect your talent only after you've become successful. We know this. But right now let's vow to keep going. Always. Keep sharing. I'm standing before u. bare and afraid but somehow fearless at the same time. Because my love for this gift is the only thing that has remained consistent in my life. The only thing besides my mother that has never left my side. The only thing that's saved me from my darkest times. The ability. The magical gift that no one can explain how it got there but it's undeniably there. The knowing that there is something higher than me pushing me through this confusion. Bigger than an industry. Bigger than anyone's opinions. Encouraging me to never stop sharing. A voice that only I know and honor. So fck everyone's projections of fear. Listen to that voice. U hear it. Even when u act like u don't. U fukin hear it. Your gift is yours to do whatever u wish with it. U don't need any validation to know that it's just as valuable as anything with or without a dollar amount attached to it. InshallAh I pray the blessings continue. they will as long as u believe.



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