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I never post messages I receive from people but today I woke up to this and I literally started tearing up. I'm in the studio this week with my favorite @salaamremi and every day he asks me, "why are we doing this?" "Why are we making this music?" And my answer is always, "I want to help ppl heal from this mad world we live in." So to wake up to this is literally like a message from God telling me I'm doing His/Her work which is the only work I want to be doing. As an artist you get the mic passed to u all the time but I feel like most people don't even know what they're saying or why. Everyone wants to be a leader but where are you leading people? So I say to young artists who really want to make music, understand what and why u are saying what you're saying. Don't follow trends. Take the time to listen to that inner voice. Don't rush. Understand that your legacy is far more important than fleeting popularity. What you share with everyone will be all that is remembered. Do u just want attention? Or are your words deliberate? Because we're listening.



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